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Moving From Tourism to BPO: Interview With Our Pacific Office’s Courtney Robinson

Over the last few decades, the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry has been able to open up new opportunities across the islands. Courtney Robinson has taken advantage of these new opportunities by joining our team. When interviewed by MDF for their 2021 Annual Report, she shared her experiences...

Why Outsourcing Your Team can be a Cost-Effective Solution for Your Business

Team members can also represent a large part of many companies' budgets. If you don't hire enough people, team members can become overworked and unable to complete necessary tasks. This article will demonstrate the reasons why outsourcing to Fiji can be a cost-effective recruitment solution for businesses. 

Three Reasons For Small Businesses to Take Advantage of Outsourcing

Managing a small business takes a lot of work. Creating a thriving organisation means investing a substantial amount of time, effort, resources into your business. This isn’t easy. Finding ways to keep the business healthy is the number one goal of most small business owners. However, for many companies, this pressure can cause them to […]