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    Acquiring Tier 1 talents to support your business growth


    Hiring process

    Once we know what roles you’d like covered, we can iron out a job description with you. This job description is the centre point of the hiring process. We market outside and inside our talent pool and give candidates about ten days to get their applications in.

    After an initial interview, successful candidates come into the office for a day, where they go through rigorous testing. They’ll get a feel for the office and the environment while assessing them on their professional skills and personality traits. If particular tests could help you better assess the candidates against your criteria, we’ll be happy to include them on this interview day.

    We’ll have a finely tuned shortlist with suitable candidates to send to you as a next step. You’ll have their test results, and CV’s to help you choose the ones you want to see. The final step usually looks like a series of interviews until you land on the perfect team members of your choice.

    On-going managing

    We manage the staff throughout their time with you. We make sure you’re happy, and they’re happy. Both well-being and performance are focal points of the management on our side. We’ll organise regular review meetings with you to help with any concerns.

    We have our own quality software to create reports and calculation of all the major metrics. If it’s call centre staff, we would measure average handle time, abandon rate, conversion rate or average sale value, for example. Or we can use your software.

    Though, as they’re your staff and your business, the way you measure success may be unique to you. We aim to be completely supportive of your idea of success. Many of our clients have their own internal CRM systems and can automatically measure results. In this case, we learn about your systems, implement them and support you wherever we can. Our management can take the necessary action to resolve issues in person, such as sensitive conversations or staff coaching.

    Finally, we monitor the environment and each individual’s well-being. It’s important to us that your staff in Fiji are looked after, professionally and personally. Most of which you can’t notice remotely, which is where we come in to ensure their well-being and success in the role.

    Providing your business with the essential manpower solutions is a strategic partnership that we’ll be dedicated to building and nurturing with you. As your business grows and as the market demand changes, you can take advantage of our boutique and personalised business solutions so you can efficiently expand your workforce while minimising impact on your finances and your existing systems. We’d love to work with you in diversifying and expanding your business capabilities by providing structured staffing solutions that will support your business forward.

    Here’s a wide range of talent solutions we can provide:


    Let’s discuss how we can help you build your dream Pacific Team to support your business forward. Collaborate with Our Pacific Office and let us source the right people for the right jobs in your organisation.

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