Why Outsource to Fiji

Why Outsource to Fiji

The Top 6 Reasons why you should Outsource to Fiji

If you’re considering outsourcing some of your company’s work offshore, then India and the Philippines are probably already on your radar. But have you considered somewhere a little closer to home? Fiji is fast becoming a centre for outsourcing excellence and has provided a much needed outsourcing solution to many Australian businesses. Here are the top 6 reasons why you should also consider Fiji as a very viable outsourcing option:

  1. Fiji is only 2 hours ahead of Australia

    Imagine attending a morning meeting in Brisbane, jumping onboard a flight and arriving in Fiji with still enough time to attend to your business before the day is done. With only a 4 hour flight time and a 2 hour time difference, working with an outsourcing team in Fiji is easy to manage. And if you’re based in the Southern states, it’s just an hour’s difference while daylight savings is in play. It also means that your Fijian team members can manage their day so that you’re all in the office at the same time and working together without the challenge of time lags.

  2. Fiji and Australia are culturally aligned

    As two sport loving, rugby-mad nations in the Pacific region, Fiji and Australia share a wide range of cultural similarities. We’re both recognised as Christian based countries with English as a first language but there’s also something similar in the way we approach work. Conflict and confrontation aren’t issues that either of us shy away from and while respect is always an important part of how we do business, we also don’t mind speaking up if an issue needs to be raised and addressed.

  3. Fijian staff offer quality voice talent

    With English as a first language, Fiji is an ideal location to outsource work such as customer service and outbound calling. Your business will benefit from high quality voice talent which can also easily translate to email and other online communications required by your business. Combine this with an exceptional attitude and a high service ethic and Fiji provides the ideal offshore solution for many Australian businesses.

  4. Outsourcing to Fiji is cost effective

    Price is often the driving force behind many business’ decisions to outsource elements of their day-to-day operations. When considering an offshore solution most destinations offer a cost saving of up to 70% of overall employment costs. Fiji is no exception and you’ll find the pricing model is comparable to other locations and certainly a huge saving on the cost of hiring within the local Australian market.

  5. Technology and connectivity is reliable in Fiji

    You heard right – our Pacific neighbours are well set up with reliable connectivity to the internet and technology solutions that will more than meet your business needs. According to the Ookla Global Speed Test Index, fixed broadband internet speed in Fiji is on par, or slightly better than other popular outsourcing destinations such as the Philippines. What’s more it’s improving dramatically year on year and Fiji is actually not that far behind Australia in terms of internet speed.

  6. Fiji offers a huge market of skilled workers

    As an island nation, Fiji has limited scope for work and relies heavily on the agriculture, manufacturing and tourism industries however, outsourcing is now becoming a strong career option for many of its people. With a government funded education system and 3 universities, Fiji also has a skilled workforce with capabilities in HR, accounting and administration as well as outbound sales and customer service.

Outsourcing within the Pacific region and employing the talented and friendly people of Fiji is an ideal solution for your business. Culturally aligned to Australia and with English as a first language, Fiji is also technologically advanced, cost effective and boasts a skilled workforce without the challenge of huge time differences.

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