Offshoring to Fiji as a Covid-19 Recovery Strategy

Offshoring to Fiji as a Covid-19 Recovery Strategy

Why your business needs to consider this as a viable option…

The Coronavirus pandemic has left most Australian businesses forever changed. It’s no longer business as usual, and navigating the uncertainty has become the new norm. However, business owners are ready to rise to the occasion.

This moment in time provides the opportunity to think differently about how your business operates, how it can make it through more uncertainty in the future and how you can minimise and manage risks that are almost impossible to plan for.

The JobKeeper support package from the Australian government has offered some breathing space for businesses and provides a way to continue operating, even if it’s at a reduced capacity. But if your business is to survive the months and years after JobKeeper winds up in September, let’s look at a new way to move forward. 

Australian based businesses have been embracing offshore outsourcing for some time now and locations such as India, the Philippines, Mexico and Eastern Europe have risen to become leaders in the field. The key drivers behind this move overseas have been cost savings and the ability to enhance the roles of local staff. Offshoring can save Australian based businesses up to 70% of employment costs and tasks cover everything from customer service, bookkeeping and HR to administration and data processing. Taking these kinds of tasks away from your key local staff, leaves them free to work on your business rather than in it. High value tasks sit with your high value team members, while lower value tasks are allocated to lower cost resources.

However, Covid-19 has impacted even offshore centres with many staff restricted to working from home with reduced technology, unstable connectivity and all the challenges we ourselves were faced with when it came time to set up a home office alongside other family members in the same situation. 

Offshoring to Fiji during Covid-19

Meanwhile, Fiji in the South Pacific has come into its own. Being Covid-19 contained as at 7 July, the country has reported only 19 cases in total and zero deaths. What’s more, they’re an emerging offshoring destination that has come to the attention of many Australian based businesses over the past few years. Fijian outsourcing centres have continued as normal during the pandemic and provide an ideal opportunity for your business to either ramp back up to full operation or grow your business while minimising and managing your financial risk and outlay.

Business Continuity during the Coronavirus Pandemic 

While businesses in Australia are beginning to return to normal there are still many restrictions in place and a slow economy to deal with. No one can predict if and when the second wave of infections will occur so a business continuity plan becomes vital yet difficult to implement. What would happen to your business if we were forced into isolation again or perhaps even complete lockdown? It’s well worth considering an offshore team of staff in a country that’s free of Covid-19 who can maintain your business operations with no interruption or impact from the virus.

Fijian Staff are ready to help Australian Businesses

It’s no secret that Fiji relies heavily on the tourism industry for employment so while some businesses in the country continue as normal despite Covid-19, resorts, airlines and tourism operators are almost at a standstill. These highly skilled workers with exceptional customer service and back office skills are looking for work and eager to assist Australian based businesses so it’s never been a better time to consider offshoring your business requirements to Fiji.

Whether it’s business as usual for you or it’s been heavily impacted by coronavirus, Fiji offers an alternate solution that will minimise your financial risk and improve your business continuity outlook with talented and skilled staff.

When you’re ready to begin the outsourcing process, download our ebook and learn more about why Fiji is a better outsourcing destination.