Recruiting, training and managing staff, whether it’s a local team or offshore, is a huge task that can often be quite challenging during a period of growth. Our Pacific Office aims to take much of this burden off your business by taking care of every aspect of human resources management.

Working closely with you so that we clearly align with your requirements we find and recruit the talent you need, and manage payroll, entitlements and legal compliance. Our Pacific Office is also responsible for any ongoing management issues such as probationary periods and performance evaluations thereby minimising your risk exposure.

Your new staff member or team, will be set up in a vibrant and positive work environment with work stations, computers and internet connectivity, ready to begin work. That leaves you to focus your efforts entirely on inducting them into your organisation, getting them up to speed on the work they’re required to do and adding value to your business.

We’ll also partner with you to develop a strong connection between your team in Fiji and your local workforce so that they become a single collaborative force, working together to achieve your business goals.

Talent Solutions Inquiry

Let’s discuss how we can help you build your dream Pacific Team to support your business forward. Collaborate with Our Pacific Office and let us source the right people for the right jobs in your organisation.