Why Fiji is a better outsourcing destination than the Philippines

  • Credit: Mark Snyder

    Why Fiji Is A Better Outsourcing Destination Than The Philippines

Why Fiji is a better outsourcing destination than the Philippines – Download your FREE ebook NOW.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shutdown countries, economies and a number of industries. One of the industries most impacted by the pandemic is the Philippines Outsourcing sector. The Philippines is experiencing one of its longest lockdowns ever in an effort to beat the virus. This means outsourced teams have to work from home, security and privacy measures are being compromised and team productivity is sporadic and difficult to measure.

The good news is that the Philippines is not your only option when considering outsourcing to offshore locations. Fiji is completely COVID-free. Your outsourced workers are able to work from a world-class facility with access to super fast internet, onsite Western management, and all the other benefits of working from an office.

There are 7 main reasons why you need to consider building an outsourced team OR moving your existing outsourced capability to Fiji. Download the eBook NOW and learn why Fiji is the best outsourcing destination for Australian businesses.

In this eBook you will learn the following about Fiji’s outsourcing industry:

  • Cultural fit
  • Price
  • Time zone and location
  • Skills, talents and qualifications
  • Local infrastructure
  • Staff retention
  • Covid-19 impact

Download now and start leveraging the power of outsourcing in a COVID-free environment with world class talent and infrastructure.


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